Our sectors of activity

UniqueTrace makes it possible to identify all the stages of production. Cheesemakers work using a tablet, into which they enter all production data in order to guarantee hygiene standards for the consumer.

Cotton, wool, leather, linen, from the raw material to the finished product, UniqueTrace allows you to know the origin, cycle and production conditions of clothing and textile accessories.

From production to the finished product, UniqueTrace establishes a continuous data flow between local producers and regional brands, to ensure market differentiation.

UniqueTrace always makes it possible for an external body to prove the origin of legal hemp and also makes it possible to verify all quality and traceability parameters before marketing.

UniqueTrace is able to trace the whole trajectory of a product or an organism, from when it is reared to when it is sold to private individuals.

UniqueTrace enables consumers to know where products come from, who produced them and how they were made.

Shea nuts, argan oil, natural and chemical ingredients, from the raw materials to semi-finished products, UniqueTrace helps you to map out your supply chain, the geolocation of the production stages and social and environmental aspects.

From production of fruit and vegetables, through to dispatch to the retailer and shelving, UniqueTrace brings together all the different stages in a simple way, enabling consumers to accurately monitor them.

From production to the finished product, UniqueTrace establishes a continuous data flow between producers and brands, to guarantee the quality of products on the market (for example, PDO, Protected Designation of Origin).


Traceability platform

Our solutions are based on an innovative, patented and generic platform, which enables us to ensure the traceability of goods in real time and to analyse the complete life cycle, from producer to consumer.

As all information is stored on our servers in Switzerland (SaaS – Software as a Service), our solutions allow you to have secure and personalised access to your data. This access allows you to:

  • Have real time recording of traceability information from various known sources internally and externally
  • Ensure management of access rights to enable interested parties and authorities to find information on the provenance and life cycle of a product
  • Easily interface applications that are already installed
Our platform covers the following stages:
  • Data collection

  • Digitalisation of forms

  • Setting up dashboards

  • User management

  • Data storage

  • Installation, training and support

Our clients